The “Grace”


Named after my mother, who broke me into the jewellery business. Grace was raised in a fine-jewellery background, the cultured pearl trade. This necklace is a modern piece that reflects her classic style.

The original inspiration was a graduated necklace of dramatic Tahitian pearls. The matte black silicone is fashionable with the benefit of functionality.

Graduated pearl necklaces grew out of necessity. Graduation is the best way to make use of the many diameters pearls naturally grew into. It meant you only needed to find two identical pearls per side. As a result, the graduated pearl necklace dominated mid-century women's necklines.

Today it's easy to find a string of pearls identical in size. But, there's a certain charm that comes from this older, more practical, style.

It's vintage beauty with a modern spirit. Named for my Mom, but designed for everyone.

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