About Us

Kelly is Oscar’s Mom.

She is a third-generation pearler and second-generation jewellery designer.

Her company’s name is Elementals Jewellery Design.  She’s been in business since 2007 in Toronto, Ontario.

Kelly loves gemstones (she’s a Gemmologist too!) and she loves pearls.

Oscar came along in 2016.

Everyone calls him Oz for short.

Kelly wanted a necklace for herself to wear that Oz can hang on to and chew on when he started to chew on everything, as babies do. Pearls worked well, but it seemed a little excessive. She looked at her choices of existing teething necklace and didn’t like anything she came across.

She did some research on materials and safety and ended up making herself a necklace instead.

So, Oz & Ella.

(Get it? Kelly thought it’s pretty clever.)