My Business is My Family

I was raised in my family’s jewellery business. When it came time for me to start my branch of both the family and the business, “Oz and Ella” was the perfect fit.

I love Oscar, and I love fashion. “Oz and Ella” was the perfect way for me to express both these things in my life, in the same space. When I talk about #siliconedemocracy or #FashionTherapyFunction, Oscar is what it’s all about.

For starters, I design each piece to be bold and beautiful. I want something with “aesthetic comfort” (fashion forward). I also want pieces that fit into my go-go daily life, of which Oscar is the biggest part. This is my “active comfort” (function).

Silicone offers a great bridge between these two parts of my life. As I’ve talked about before, silicone also has the benefit of bringing “therapeutic comfort” to people.

“Silicone Democracy,” is about how each piece has something for everyone. In other words, even though Oz can chew on it, it doesn’t have to be the standard “chewlery.”

Each piece is for me, for Oscar, and for everyone else too.

I have a lot more to say about these pieces (I have also have many pictures of Oz). Please come and ask me about them both at the upcoming the inaugural INLAND Hamilton to be held at the Art Gallery of Hamilton on November 11th, 2018 from 11am – 5pm.

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